Friday, March 31, 2017

Playing Cards with Death

There has been a lot of talk in my life lately, these last few months, about death, and Death.

My mother has talked about her funeral arrangements. My husband and I are wondering about our last wishes and how we should prepare a last will and testament. My uncle passed away this year. I know a few people, some close, some not, who are sitting with Death, or playing cards with Him, bluffing for a longer round.

I do not enjoy speaking about the afterlife. I think some people see it as an opportunity to paint a future, where all their disappointments and resentments in life are avenged by the sorrow and grief of those left behind.

I think it may be possible by talking about It, that we will have some power over Death's timetable. If you can speak Its Name, comfortably and easily, then perhaps you are exorcising any inner fears about It.

There is nothing I can do about Death. He comes when he wants; he takes what he needs, and he leaves when he is fulfilled.

I do not think of death as a Gift; I do not think of death as a Punishment; I do not think of death as something to fear. I do not think of Death, Sam, I am.

I believe I am not afraid of the afterlife or of death or even dying. I am a little concerned about any pain; if there is pain involved, it is worrisome.

I accept the finality and futility of worrying about death. Therefore, I'd rather focus on the possibilities and the multiple eternities we can create, in Life.