Saturday, April 8, 2017

Review: Between Friends

Between Friends Between Friends by Kristy Kiernan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

How close are you, with your best friend? Close enough to lie? To betray? To die? This book about a deep, abiding friendship between two very different women is a multi-layered exploration of human emotion and ethical decisions.

Infertile Ali had a child with the egg of her best friend, Cora. Now, she wants to do it again, but time has passed, and Cora's health now may affect their future, and Ali's loving husband is troubled by some decisions of his own.
In the midst of all the adults rushing about, fourteen-year-old Letty, the "miracle child" embarrassed and pressured by her mom's near-mythic appreciation of her birth, wrestles with her own fateful decisions.

The alternating viewpoints make the story even more interesting as we enter the minds of the characters, chapter by chapter.

This story was very touching! Some unexpected turns and twists... grateful the author didn't take the easy, movie-of-the-week way out!

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